4 Axis Horizontal Milling

Milling Advantages

A 3hp 3 Axis milling head mounts onto the carriage of the lathe offering a wide range of options while not interfering with the tool post leaving it available for other operations, such as parting or sanding. This innovative attachment increases efficency and productivity and accuracy.

Large Hole Saw Cutters

The milling attachment has 3 large holesaws 14",12" and 9" which  can be used to cut precise saddle notches for intersecting log connections (ie. log cabin) or just transition from round to flat. The holesaws can also be used to cut a ball or hourglass shape.

Precision Milling

A carbide inserted cutter head is used to do almost anything including but not limited to milling flats, planing cylinder diameters to size and milling out recesses.  A variety of shanks are available offering numerous options from drilling to milling to sawing, from above or beside the log. A 20" saw blade is also available for cutting faceted posts.

Precision Timber Connections

Precision Timber Connections

Combining the Lathe and Sawmill has very practical applications when connecting timbers. The process is quick efficient and accurate and cost effective.

Saddle Notching

Saddle notches can be milled into beams quickly with the hole saw. Corresponding beams are turned to the exact diameter of the notch so they fit with precision.


Dowels are turned on the ends of posts by dropping the cutter until the required diameter is reached. This is a quick and simple process. and the shouldered end of the timber is turned square to the axis of the dowel.

Round Mortise

Beams are drilled to match the corresponding dowel sizes in the required post locations

Ridge Beam

Ridge beams can be accurately indexed with the Lathe spindle to the required rafter and king post angles, similar to a wagon wheel hub.

Timber LEGO

Once the connections are milled the structure assembles like LEGO. This system of timber connection is faster and cheaper than fabricating steel plates.